Blessed with Love (Radio Dance Records)

Blessed with Love (Radio Dance Records)

Eric Alamango is back with a new progressive house tune.

1/ Original mix
2/ Ray Violet remix
3/ Michael Angelo remix

Powerful dubstep bass lines with a progressive piano melody and the great vocals of Steve Owner will surely push this track into the best parties around the world.

A promising new artist, Eric is surely here for good.

FLUX BPM review: The top Cypriot record label strikes back with another potentially big club burner that this times caters for the main music styles that the fans of the labels are waiting for but with an interesting twist and jaw dropping surprise. The original mix is powerful and banging as it starts quite minimal and lands on the first intro breakdown that epic prog house style piano riff is introduced along with Steve Owner who has blessed from God voice and he performs the fantastic lyrics in his own very sensitive and touching way. The climax is big room epic house and hands will stay in the air for long. It has dirty rough and very unique sound that will keep you interested rocking it on the dancefloor. Ray Violet pushes the track to the big room mainstage territory with a very strong remix that combines epic prog house and prog lifting trance influences in order to deliver a crossover remix that can stand on both type of sets. However, the big surprise in this release is Michael Angelo’s attempt to go dubstep and I must say that he manages once again to deliver a remix that brings together dubstep and pop elements to create a version that can be easily played on daytime radio shows.